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Ketchup Designs – Toes, or no toes?

November 30, 2009

I’ve been working on improving Ketchup’s design, and have decided I don’t like how the paws appear a bit like hooves. Originally I wanted Ketchup’s design to echo that of Squibble, who has no fingers or toes and is all round shapes. However, this approach doesn’t seem to work on a cat’s paws! Here are two versions of Ketchup with and without toes. There are also some other character development sketches on the same sheets.




Without Toes:

{rokbox title=|Ketchup: No toes| size=|600 533|}images/animation/squibblesworld/ketchupdesigns/notoes.jpg{/rokbox}

With Toes:

{rokbox title=|Ketchup: With toes!| size=|600 533|}images/animation/squibblesworld/ketchupdesigns/withtoes.jpg{/rokbox}


What do you think?