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A (Better) Keyboard for Music Composition

September 17, 2010

You might remember¬† that a week or so ago, I mentioned that I had finally gotten a tool that would be a great help with my animation. Well it’s probably not what you were expecting. I finally managed to get hold of a good second-hand keyboard that I can hook up to my computer so I can write my own music for short animations.

{rokbox title=|Yamaha Clavinova from 1985 :: Should be a great help!  | size=|500 267|}images/animation/tools/piano.jpg{/rokbox}

The amp for the built-in speakers doesn’t work, but I can cope with that and the 3rd f# above middle C doesn’t work but can possibly be fixed. However, see that tiny 32-key midi keyboard on the stool? That’s what I was trying to use and it was very difficult! I am looking forward to giving this a real go at last!