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Updates and New Ventures!

October 22, 2010

There is finally a Squibbleworld Newsletter! Sign up here if you want to receive regular updates and news from Squibbleworld delivered to your inbox! The Newsletter is powered by Mailchimp, a service which made the set-up process absolutely stress-less and hassle-free. The first issue will be coming out at the end of October!

Back in 2005 I set up my first proper Cafepress store. At the time I had a choice between setting up with Cafepress or Zazzle. I went with Cafepress because they had been established for a longer period and had a greater range of products.

However one of my Cafepress customers recently pointed out to me that Zazzle offers the option to pay in New Zealand currency. In fact as well as offering to switch between currencies in the footer of all pages on the Zazzle site, there are also localised versions of the site for ten different countries. Click here for more information on Zazzle’s pricing and currency options.

I took the hint and have set up a new Squibbleworld Zazzle store!


At the moment there is only one design available that is a tribute to the original 1982 movie Tron. I am looking forward to seeing Tron Legacy, but the original was definitely ahead of its time!

More designs on my Zazzle site are coming soon, look out for new designs featuring the Teacup LOLcats and more!