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Back to School!

November 05, 2010

Back to School…

I have been doing flash animation since 2003, and have been pretty comfortable learning about how to apply traditional animation skills to the flash platform. However, now I want to learn more about other types of animation, including stop-motion. I took the plunge and enrolled in a summer animation course at Weltec, which covers all kinds of 2d animation, including stop-motion! I am looking forward to brushing up on my skills in this four-week intensive course and hopefully producing some worthwhile samples while being exposed to different skill-sets and software environments! I will be tweeting about my experiences, and am hoping to do a weekly blog-post that sums up what I have learnt each week on the course.

Learn With Squibble!

You may have noticed that on Wednesday I spent some time tweeting about a book on special effects animation called ‘Elemental Magic’ by Joseph Gilland. I had fun sharing small tips from the book as I was reading it. If time allows in the future, I may make this a weekly event, using the Twitter hashtag: #ResearchWednesday. If I know what I will be reading ahead of time I will post the name and author of the book so that people can follow along with me on Twitter.

Newsletter Announcement:

I will be featuring New York independent animator Stephen Brooks (@rubberonion) in the upcoming Squibbleworld November Newsletter! We chatted via Skype yesterday about his current project and future plans for Rubber Onion Animation. I am in the process of writing everything up, so look out for the newsletter in your inbox in the next week or so!