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#SketchbookSundays Week #18 – Weight. 31/01/2011 – 05/02/2011

January 30, 2011

This week I am turning back to The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaïdes. The exercise I have chosen is from Section 3 ‘Weight and the Modelled Drawing’.

The idea of this exercise is to concentrate on conveying weight of the form, building up the shape as if you were modelling with clay around an imaginary core. 

Exercise 6: Weight

‘Materials: Use a lithograph crayon (medium) broken in half and a large sheet of cream-colored manila wrapping paper (fifteen by twenty inches). If the edge of the crayon begins to stick, strike it sharply on a piece of paper several times or scrape it with a knife.’

I don’t have a lithograph crayon, so I am going to use a chunky piece of charcoal for this exercise.

‘Work with the side and not the point of the lithograph crayon. Start in the middle of the figure and work out from the center to the outside contours. By the middle I mean actually the core, the imagined center, inside the form.’

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