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Featured on Friday

February 10, 2011

First of all, a Squibbleworld Site update!
I have been working on a new section for the site, and it should be up and running by the end of February! Here is a sneak peek at the logo! I will be posting updates on Twitter later in the month when the site is ready to be launched!

{rokbox title=| Sneak Peek! | size=|260 274|}images/blogpics/logosneakpeek.jpg{/rokbox}

HTML5 Validator
Have you been wanting to try designing your next project using HTML5? A new Firefox extension for validating HTML5 code by Roger Johansson is now available from 456 Berea St.

The Imaginative Life and Times of Graham Percy
4 February – 25 April 2011 in the North Gallery

Earlier in the week I visited the Graham Percy exhibition at the Wellington City Art Gallery. Graham Percy is an illustrator who was born and studied in New Zealand before moving overseas. I fondly remember his illustrations in the ‘Captain Beaky’ poetry books which also came with accompanying cassette tapes.

Graham Percy also was the designer for the full-length animated film ‘Hugo the Hippo which was produced in Hungary in 1972. The exhibition included a showing of the film. Original backgrounds and character designs were also on display!

Ai Weiwei’s ‘Sunflower Seeds’ Cover Tate Modern Hall Like a Sea of Twitter Users
An entire hall of the Tate Modern is covered in one hundred million hand-painted porcelain sunflower seeds, painted by a group of 1600 Chinese artisans led by the artist Ai Weiwei.

Lackadaisy facial expressions Tutorial
This tutorial comes from the creator of the Lackadaisy web comic. The story is set in St Louis during prohibition and features cats as the main characters! The comic is beautifully illustrated, and is well worth a visit!

Finally this week, Brad Bird received the Winsor McCay Award at the 38th Annual Annie Awards. After an overview of the animation director’s work, Brad Bird made his acceptance speech, which included an announcement no one was expecting: