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#SketchbookSundays Week #20 – The Daily Composition. 14/02/2011 – 20/02/2011

February 13, 2011

While reading through The Natural Way to Draw(Amazon affiliate link) this week, I found a useful daily composition exercise:

‘This is a memory drawing, to be done in scribbled gesture style, but instead of drawing a single figure or object you are to show the human being in relation to his environment.

Working in pencil, make a small drawing (about five by seven inches in size) of something you have seen during the past twenty-four hours. Put down as fast and easily as possible, and in any order, the various things you remember about a specific place and what was going on there. No more than fifteen minutes should be spent on one drawing. Make no corrections or alterations later, but go on to a new one the next day.’

pg 52.

This seems like an exercise that you could accomplish easily at the end of every day even if you have been very busy. I plan to label and date each of my drawings, and I bought a cheap pack of low quality photocopy paper on which to do these quick drawings.