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#SketchbookSundays Week #21 – Straight and Curved Lines. 21/02/2011 – 27/02/2011

February 20, 2011

Exercise 46 from The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicola├»des – ‘Straight and Curved Lines’ (pg 174)

This is a quick study: one minute or sometimes five minute poses may be used.

‘First reach about in your drawing for the movements that are biggest, simplest, and most connected, thinking of them as either straight or curved. As you do this, strive to find one movement, either straight or curved, that goes through the entire figure. This line need not be continuously on the contour but might start on the contour and then run inside of the body. It may sometimes include only the main part of the body or seem to divide into two lines, but on the whole try to see it as one line that will carry through the figure.

Assuming that you have found a dominating curve, you should immediately attempt to see some complementary straight lines. After these first simple straight and curved lines are found, they themselves may be gone over and broken up or subdivided but always with the impulse of the gesture.’