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#SketchbookSundays Week #22 – Watercolour Landscape Gesture Sketches. 28/02/2011 – 06/03/2011

February 27, 2011

This week I am going to take a break from ‘The Natural Way to Draw’, and try out something completely different: landscape watercolour gesture sketches. I came across this post by Steve Penberthy and I am keen to improve my watercolour skills as it is something I have been neglecting. I will be following the same method outlined briefly by Steve Penberthy in his blog post, starting with a very quick pencil sketch and then trying to quickly capture basic colours with the paint.

I also have a large collection of watercolour pencils, so I am going to try a few landscape sketches with those as well.

If you decide to sketch along with me post a link to the results in the comments below, or post a link on Twitter with the tag #SketchbookSundays.