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Sneak Preview! Crafty Items Available in March!

March 03, 2011

Mad Hatter Brooch, and Creatures of Wonderland BraceletI’ve been working hard to make some very special items over the past couple of weeks!

Here is a sneak preview of the kinds of accessories that will be available in March here at Squibbleworld and also elsewhere!

Unfortunately I liked the bracelet pictured to the left so much that I have decided to keep it, but the rest is up for grabs and I will be making more!

The designs on the charms of the bracelet and the necklaces are drawn freehand onto shrink plastic, which is then baked in the oven. This means that even if I make the same design, each charm will be different every time! Tiny wearable miniature pieces of art!

Some of this collection is inspired by the original illustrations from Alice in Wonderland. There is a brooch featuring the Mad Hatter’s hat and fob watch complete with chain. Even though I have appropriated the bracelet above, I will be making another one soon. The charms from left to right are: bread-and-butterfly, ‘Eat Me’ cake, Rocking-horse fly, Mad Hatter’s Hat, and the infamous ‘Drink Me’ bottle.

There are also a few items for foodies, including a friendly cupcake charm necklace, and my ‘Ouch! Popsicle’ brooch!

Also included in the gallery below is my very first milk bottle lolly brooch cast in resin. I had been experimenting with two different types of Fimo until now, but I plan to use resin more and more as I get used to casting with it.

I will post on Twitter when these items are available for sale, and keep an eye on the blog for another crafty announcement in a week or so!