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Featured on Friday

March 04, 2011

Discovered this Week:
Cargo Collective.
Are you an artist or designer in need of a portfolio site? The Cargo Collective Community offers a free basic plan as well as upgrades which include a domain name along with their own CMS. Their membership is by invite only, but they invite prospective members to submit a sample of their work.

Harmony Sketching by Mr.Doob
An online sketching application, allowing you to sketch and doodle in the browser. I really like the cross-hatching effects available, and had quite a lot of fun building up textures with the ‘Sketchy’ pencil tool.

Interesting Article from the 99%:
Email Etiquette II: Why Emoticons (And Emotional Cues) Work

Do you use emoticons in your email correspondence? Do you think their use would lower the tone of a professional email, or do they add a human touch?

iPad 2
Just in case you haven’t heard the news, iPad 2 was released this week. This webcomic from the Oatmeal called ‘What it’s like to Own an Apple Product‘ surely captures the frustration of iPad owners around the globe. The original model was only released in April 2010.

International Quidditch Association.
Yes, it’s real. There is an International Quidditch Association and there are teams all over the world. The Association’s website explains how the game was invented:

‘”Muggle Quidditch,” or “Ground Quidditch,” began in 2005 as an intramural league at Middlebury College in Vermont. The rules were adapted from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels by Alexander Manshel, the first Quidditch Commissioner.’