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Tablets and Toast Cozies!

April 25, 2011

Recently I was able to get my hands on a cheap 7″ tablet running android 2.2. It is the perfect size for me, and I decided that I would crochet my own case. The pattern is based on Twinkie Chan’s Buttery Toast Scarf, which you can find in her book.
The interior of the tablet case is lined with black felt. The front side of the case is padded with batting to give the screen of the tablet extra protection. I had to hand-sew the lining as I do not have a sewing-machine, but it was worth it and the case looks great and protects the tablet perfectly!


I have also been working on some other pattern’s from Twinkie Chan’s book, and made the Strawberry Fingerless mittens for a friend. I also made some Wristicuffs based on strawberry mittens pattern, and you can find those here in my shop!