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April 29, 2011

Rubberonion Animation Viewing Party – #ROVP
Every Sunday evening for the last few weeks at 8pm EST, a group of animators has been meeting on Twitter to view and discuss an animated film which has been chosen the previous week. The group viewing is organised by @RubberOnion and anyone is welcome to join in. If you are on Twitter, follow the hashtag #ROVP to find out details of the next viewing!
At the last viewing we watched Disney’s The Lion King, and @Nora-LUMIERE posted this link to an image of the original draft for the story of the movie by Tom Disch. Eventually the writer was paid off, and he is not credited in the final film. 

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Via TWiT This Week in Tech Podcast:
The First Computer Programmed to Sing in 1961 :
While hunting for the clip of the singing computer on Youtube, I came across an even more intruiging short film titled ‘AT&T Archives: Incredible Machine’. The short film was made in 1968 and shows scientists and artists using a light pen to interact with the graphical interface and draw directly onto the cathode tube:

‘The art of computer graphics is only in its infancy, yet it is already stimulating creative thought in far-out areas where research is likely to get complex and unwieldy. It offers not only the means to quicken the pace of discovery, but an ideal way of communicating what we may discover.’

Ever wondered how people insert symbols into their tweets? They may be using this handy tool called Twitterkeys from The Next Web.

Win a Minion!
On Wednesday I launched my ‘Win a Minion’ competition! All you have to do is comment on this blog post, and tell me your favourite Minion Moment from the movie ‘Despicable Me’. I’ve posted mine here below: