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May 06, 2011

Resources Round-up

Web Development
Re-discovering Macrabbit:
Espresso from Macrabbit
I use TextEdit for my coding projects, but am always keeping an eye out for a lightweight text editor with a few more fetaures. Having bought Macrabbit’s CSSEdit last year, I decided to try out their web development application: Espresso. So far I am enjoying the experience. There are just enough features to help with the process, and nothing to overwhelm or get in the way. You get a fifteen-day free trial to start, and you can add functionality with ‘Sugar’ packs. On downloading my copy of Espresso I added the HTML5 and jQuery Sugar packs.

Espresso – Basics from Derek Reynolds on Vimeo.

Discovered this week:

Eye Dropper:
Colour picker add-on/plugin for google chrome – Add the colour picker to your bookmark bar and click on any element in a website to find out the hex colour!

Min bookmarklet –
This bookmarklet will strip any decoration from a site, such as the color, borders and backgrounds. Once all the distraction of the decoration is removed, you can focus on the layout and typography to determine whether it is successful.

G5 Framework –
I am currently using the framework for my latest personal project, but the G5 framework looks like a good new alternative. I will test it out over the next month or so just for fun to see how it goes!


Mouseworks modelsheets at
via Jeffereycook
An 81.1MB Pdf file, and 270 pages worth of complete model sheets from Disney’s Mouseworks!

3d images of the human figure in various poses. The figures are rendered with no skin and all the muscles showing, so you are able to tell exactly what the action does to the muscles. Each pose is repeated from various angles.