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May 28, 2011

Android Resources:

Test Your Android App on Multiple Devices for

‘Is Your Android App DeviceReady?™

Before you ship, make sure that your app works great across the dozens of popular Android phones and tablets!

Send us your app, and we’ll test it on the HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Inspire, Motorola Atrix, Motorola DROID, HTC Freestyle, HTC DROID Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola XOOM, and many more Android devices!’

DoubleTwist – iTunes for Android?
I have been testing both the DoubleTwist Android Player and the Mac Desktop client this week, and I have to say I am really impressed with both applications. I love how the player automatically finds audio and movie files that are already on my tablet’s sd card when you start the app for the first time. The player also found a podcast, recognised it, and filed it in the correct podcast playlist separating it from my music files! The interface of both programs looks great and is easy to use, although this may be due to its similarity to a certain existing interface.

I am looking forward to testing out the wifi syncing feature as well. I was able to import my existing iTunes playlists into DoubleTwist, and from there I can sync with the DoubleTwist player on my tablet and hey presto! My playlist on the tablet should update!

You can also download the desktop client for Windows, so why not give it a go?

CSS Resources:

CSS Frameworks:
SASS and CSS Scaffold
I have been experimenting with a lot of CSS3 effects recently, which is a lot of fun! This means that in order to use effects like gradients and rounded corners, I need to use multiple vendor-prefixes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a CSS Framework to cut down on multiple vendor-prefixes in your CSS3 stylesheets? I’m going to see if I can do just that in my next project.

Social Media:

‘Anatomy of a trending topic: How Twitter & the crafting community put the smackdown on Urban Outfitters’ by Amber Karnes
Proof that the number of followers you have does not necessarily equate with influence.

A Resource for My Next Web Project:

Humans.txt‘We Are People, Not Machines’

‘The internet is for humans…

We are always saying that, but the only file we generate is one full of additional information for the searchbots: robots.txt. Then why not doing one for ourselves?’


American Tail Production Art from the Living Lines Library

The Secret of NIMH (1982) – Production Drawings