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Featured on Friday

July 22, 2011

Art and Animation: – A place for artists to upload pdf versions of their graphic novels, comic books and other art and craft-related books.
‘The Illustrated Section is an open marketplace and welcomes all creators and publishers who want to sell their books here. My goal for the site is to make this a one-stop hub of digital comics, picture books, and other art books where fans can find, buy, and discover work quickly and easily.
This site is ideal for creators who don’t have the technical know-how to set up their own online store, want to sell their work among fellow creatives, and/or don’t want to give up tons of fees to distributors. Start selling digital content quickly and easily.’
Via Gurney Journey – The Old Man and the Sea

Beautiful animated short film by Russian animator Alexander Petrov painted frame by frame with his hands using oil pastel paint.

Part 1:

Part 2:

For Freelancers:

I have been attending Jelly at Boost New Media on Fridays for a while now, and would definitely recommend it to other freelancers! But what do you do those other days of the week if you need to meet someone in the city, or just need a change of scene to do your work?

Bizdojo is launching in Wellington tonight and I am going to check it out! Hopefully I will be able to visit Bizdojo on those occasions when I have to be in town for a meeting and need a base to work from.

Brief Design and Craft Update:

As you may have seen earlier in the week, I uploaded new hand-crafted items to my Felt Store, and the Squibble & Co store. The crafting continues, with crocheted flower bobby pins and more accessories available over the next few weeks!
Earlier this month I also released my first Graphic set for Etsy sellers at Squibble & Co.!

{rokbox title=| Now Available at Squibble & Co. for Etsy Sellers | size=|500 600|}images/blogpics/polar_sample.jpg{/rokbox}

If all goes well, a matching blog template should be available at the end of September!

Finally, here is a preview of the mascot for my next web template, due for release at the end of August:
{rokbox title=| Preview of the Next Template | size=|400 500|}images/blogpics/spacemonkey_preview.jpg{/rokbox}

It’s going to be a busy month!