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Resin Casting

August 12, 2011

I took some photos of my resin-casting process. I use Easycast resin with latex moulds. Each mould can take up to a week to make, as I paint on the latex in thin layers and each layer can take between 8 – 12 hours to dry thoroughly.

Easycast Resin

The resin is a two-part polyurethane ( methylene bis(phenylisocyante) and polyol blend )

Two Part Resin

It is clear when the two parts are first mixed together, but dries opaque and white. This makes it perfect for casts of Eskimo and Milk Bottle lollies.


This batch didn’t cure quite right so I am going to make another batch this weekend. I am also keen to try silicon moulds to see if I get a better result. Even though silicon is more expensive, it will last a lot longer. Stay tuned!