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August 19, 2011

Webdesign & Resources:

40 Android Apps to Boost Your Productivity from Android.AppStorm

#100: Let’s Write Semantic Markup from CSS-Tricks

The Man in Blue > Code & Beauty – SlashGlobe: A 3D CSS Experiment


Discovered This Week – Animator Mike Nguyen’s website and blog.

Via @icronos4 on Twitter: An Open Letter To Andy Serkis

Le chat du rabbin / The Rabbi’s Cat (2011) – Pencil Tests and Making Of

Social Media

Better Facebook Fan Page: Essential Tips, Apps and Examples

Part 4 in my Series for – Creating Killer Content – Facebook: The Ultimate ‘Word-of-Mouth’ Referral.

Squibbleworld News:

This week I took the first small steps in re-aligning and re-designing the site. Craft updates have now been separated from the main blog and have their own section.

There is also a new Twitter account for SquibbleandCo

And a Facebook Business Page

The site re-design will happen in small steps over the next few months with the aim of making information better sign-posted and easier to find!