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Featured on Friday

September 02, 2011

Just a small list this week as I have included the TWiT podcast which is quite long! However, it is worth a listen because Steve Wozniak calls in and chats about his early years at Apple with Steve Jobs:

This Week in Tech Episode 316 – Steve Wozniak talks about Steve jobs

TWiT 316 on Huffduffer


Wufoo Form Facebook Tabs (The Easiest Way )

New in Gmail Labs: Green robot icon

‘Gmail chat status (those green, orange, and red bubbles) indicates if your friends are online or not. But sometimes my buddies appear green when they’re not really “online online” — they just have chat open on their Android phones.

Turn on Green Robot, a new experiment in Gmail Labs, and you’ll see a robot icon next to people who are currently using Android phones.’

Jing – Free screen capture software for Mac and PC.


Tradigital Animator Episode 2 is Out!

The Making of Footrot Flats

Just for fun:

via @michiecat – Start your child early! Web design board book for babies!