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Finished Munny Project: Photos!

July 26, 2012

Here is my finished custom Munny! The inspiration for this custom toy came from the bowler hat accessory. Every Munny DIY vinyl toy comes with a random surprise accessory, and as soon as I opened the sealed packet and pulled out the bowler hat I knew I wanted to paint it red and turn it into a cherry!

The rest of the design fell into place after that. The cherry leaf and stalk are sculpted by hand from polymer clay, as is each individual cupcake sprinkle. I also made the candy cane from polymer clay, as I felt he really needed something to hold.

I sculpted the cake base using air dry clay, an then sanded and painted the base to match the Munny. Fake whipped cream piped around the base and under the bowler hat completed the look, and I am really pleased with how the Munny turned out!

I would love to make more of these, and if you would like me to customise a Munny for you, why not get in touch?