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Polyvore Fans: Use the Web Clipper on Your iPhone

March 29, 2013

Over the last few months, I have been using Polyvore to create style posts for the Shop news feed. I kept waiting for Polyvore to release an iPhone app so that collating and creating collages could be done in those spare moments while on a tea break or waiting for the bus.

The Polyvore iPhone app was finally released in November 2012. but it has one glaring omission: there is no way (as yet) to clip your finds.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Desktop app, the idea is to use the Clipper bookmarklet to collect and save fashion items and accessories from around the web in a similar way to which people ‘pin’ items to their Pinterest boards. What makes Polyvore so much fun is that you can then mix and match your found items and create fashion collages to display on the site.

While the iPhone app gives you full access to the Polyvore library and any items you have already clipped in the desktop app, it is frustrating to be unable to save anything to Polyvore while surfing the web on the iPhone… until now. Here are instructions on how to get the clipper bookmarklet for the Dekstop app working on your iPhone:


1) If you are currently on your computer, copy and paste the code below into an email and email it to yourself so you can access it on your phone:


If you are wondering what the code above does, it is simply the exact same javascript code that is used for the desktop web clipper – I just extracted it from the source of

2) Go to: on your iPhone and bookmark this page.

3) Open your email app on your phone, and copy the code from the email you just sent yourself.

3) Open the bookmarks folder on your iPhone and click to edit the bookmark you just made.

4) Delete the existing URL for the bookmark.

5) paste the code above into the URL text field.

Save your bookmark and you’re done! You should now be able to clip items to Polyvore on your iPhone by opening the bookmarks menu and tapping on your new clipper bookmark. Happy clipping!

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