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Vlog #2 – Makertorium 2013

April 28, 2013

Time for Vlog #2!

This weekend I attended the first ever Makertorium at Te Papa in Wellington.

The event show-cased makers and crafters from around New Zealand. There were displays and demonstrations ranging from pewter casting, to digital interactive displays, robotics, and rapid proto-typing.

I had a fantastic day, and it was the first time I had seen a working 3d printer in person!


There were a few sound issues with the Vlog, during the interview with Lucy Arnold from Felt, I had to contend with a saw in the background! Therefore blow I have typed out a transcript of the short interview. I have also included additional photos of some of the 3d printed models. I was most impressed with the 3d printed chain mail dress!

Interview Transcript

Me: Hi this is Lucy Arnold from Felt, and I’m just here today to ask her a few questions about Felt and what Felt does. So can you tell me a little bit about Felt and how Felt started?

Lucy: Yep, Felt’s an online marketplace for hand-made goods. It’s all handmade products made by New Zealanders, it works a little bit like Trademe in that you can sell your products on Felt and anybody can buy and sell.

Me: So how many members does Felt have at the moment?

Lucy: We’ve got around 35,000 registered users, and about 1500 sellers currently selling on Felt.

Me: So what do you think Felt has done for Kiwi crafters and the Kiwi craft scene?

Lucy: Well I hope it’s given it a vehicle, and and an avenue for crafters to get their work out in front of the public and hopefully make a living from what they do, and just raise the profile of how awesome New Zealand craft is!

Me: What gets you excited about working on a site like Felt?

Lucy: It’s just got so many possibilities, it’s quite an exciting site to work on because there are so many talented people out there, and so many really lovely people who are out there making things and it’s just really nice to be involved in the crafting community and providing a service that is helping people out with starting little businesses, and yeah the people aspect is really exciting, I really enjoy that part of it.

Me: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today, so this was Lucy Arnold from

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