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News, Tips, and Views. 15/06/2013

June 15, 2013

Just a quick update this week, I have been working on several projects, including more Teacup LOLcats ilustrations! I just have two more to finish, then I will be releasing them as prints and also as part of a re-release of the Teacup LOLcats webcomic project I completed in 2010.

Here is a sneak preview of an illustration I was working on earlier today:

Teacup LOLcats band WIP by Squibble


Hangout Magix:

If you use Google Hangouts, try this handy online tool for creating graphics:


Webflow CSS3 Playground:

Create and preview CSS3 effects in the browser, and view the live code output.


Imgembed allows image creators to track where their images are being used and set permissions to every website using them. Users can use images for free by promoting the creator or pay for premium use by the actual number of impressions displayed.


Gaming for Social Change – Sidekick Cycle

Fifty percent of the proceeds from sales and in-app purchases of Sidekick Cycle by Global Gaming Initiative are donated to World Bicycle Relief, a charity that donates bicycles to developing world countries.

About Global Gaming Initiative from Global Gaming Initiative on Vimeo.

Global Game Initiative’s mission is to connect people to causes through mobile gaming. We make play purposeful.

Hope you have all had a fantastic week!

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