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Experimenting with Augmented Reality

September 23, 2013

One of my current interests is experimenting with AR, or Augmented Reality. Augmented reality allows you to overlay extra information onto real-world objects using markers, or geo-location. People can then see these extra layers of information when viewing the object through the camera on their cell phone or computer while using an AR browser such as Layar, Juniao, or wikitude.

I had a free account with Hoppala and enjoyed experimenting with layer creation there, but unfortunately after a few mishaps and service interruptions it seems that the service has finally closed down for good.

I thought I would document my ongoing efforts here in case anyone else is experimenting with AR and would like some tips on the various services available.

Unfortunately so far most services I have found will not work for the purpose I have in mind, which is a large virtual 3d art installation using geo-location.

I have tried the following services. They may be a solution for you if for example you just want to augment a magazine page with extra information and graphical overlays.

The following tools and apps are more complicated to use and set up, but may do what I want:

POIstrlooked interesting, but I was unable to sign up and their last tweet was on July 12th 2012 so I am unsure if they are still up and running!

Hopefully this post will be helpful to someone just starting out, I will update as I learn more!

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