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Vlog #4 – Auckland Travel Logs – Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World

January 08, 2014

Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World

On my summer break I visited Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland. I have visited the aquarium now and then since its opening in 1985. Kelly Tarlton’s was one of the first aquariums in the world to use conveyer belts. The engineers also pioneered new techniques for bending acrylic so that visitors could pass through the fish tanks and view them from below.

Unfortunately this was just the day before I was able to get a new camera so some of the footage in darker areas is a little grainy. Everything was filmed on my iPhone.

For this video I had fun learning how to use Apple Motion 5, which seems like it will be a good replacement for some of the missing features in the recent update of iMovie. It is also much more powerful so I am expecting I will have some fun with animated effects for my Vlogs once I learn how to use the software.

To make the new opening and ending credits, all I did was to make a copy of an existing template called ‘Swarm’, and then edit the assets in photoshop to get a different background and change the shape of the animated particles from square to round.

This is also the first video I have added to my Vimeo profile! I finally switched to Vimeo last night after Youtube refused to process the video. I will gradually be moving over videos from my Youtube channel to my new Vimeo profile over the next few weeks.

Vlog #4 – Auckland Travel Log – Squibble Visits Kelly Tarlton’s from Squibble Design on Vimeo. 

I loved the penguin display and seeing a sea turtle so close was a real kick. A cute end to the tour was finding both Nemo and Dory happily cohabiting in a sea anemone tank.


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