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Sunday Painting – May 2014

May 12, 2014

I have started taking oil painting classes and had my first afternoon session on Sunday. Each class is four and a half hours long but that meant I didn’t feel rushed and came away with two new pieces of art.

I have never used oils before at all so was a bit nervous and the teacher showed me some basic painting and glazing techniques. After a test run with charcoal, I tried the same still life subject in oils:

Test Still Life Oil Painting by Squibble - Apple

Then I chose a new subject and applied those same techniques here also, still working with just one colour:


In progress:

First Oil Painting by Squibble - WIP

Working on the Shapes:

First Oil Painting by Squibble - progress

Closeup of the Jug:

First Oil Painting by Squibble - Jug Closeup

Closeup of the Pear:

First Oil Painting by Squibble - Pear Closeup

Finished Painting:

First Oil Painting by Squibble - Finished

I was pretty happy with this for my very first effort, but would have loved to spend another four hours painting! There is a break in between this class and the next due to the teacher’s schedule and public holidays, but I am going to keep practicing in the meantime.