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Teacup LOLcats Volume 1 – Hard Copy Arrived!

May 16, 2014

I did not get round to posting about my copy of the Teacup LOLcats comic book which arrived a little while ago!

I ordered the paperback version, and am very happy with the quality of the paper and the printing. The shipping was reasonably fast once the book was completed, and was extremely well-packaged. Seeing as we are well into winter here in New Zealand, I was worried that the book may get damaged in transit. I didn’t have to worry at all, as the book arrived in a sturdy box, and was wrapped in plastic as well as a protective then foam layer. This was a relief as I have had books that were simply shipped in a plain cardboard envelope arrive ruined in the middle of a rainy New Zealand winter.


I am also now planning a range of Teacup LOLcat accessories for the shop, so those will be available soon!