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Cuphead – A Beautifully Animated Game

June 30, 2014

This week’s animation post is actually about the game ‘Cuphead‘ being developed by StudioMDHR.

The style and look of the game is based on classic ‘rubber hose’ animation from the 1930’s. Amazingly, the team is animating and inking on traditional animation cels to get an authentic look, and the backgrounds are hand-painted with watercolours.


There are only a few short teaser trailers online, but it looks like an interactive Silly Symphony!

Both the Cuphead and Mugman characters are reminiscent of Mickey mouse with their white gloves and brightly coloured shorts. There is even a pirate boss who looks remarkably like Bluto.

Cuphead was due for release in 2014, but it looks as if this date as been pushed back to 2015. The game will be available on a range of platforms, including consoles but this has yet to be confirmed.

Cuphead Teaser Trailer:

Captain Silver Boss Teaser Trailer:

Cuphead E3 2014 Trailer

I am so excited to see more clips of this game and the beautiful artwork!

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