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Project 365 – Best of June 2015

December 05, 2015

June was cold but busy! I got stuck into several projects and finally tried out laser-cutting for the first time.

I created the model for my laser-cut project in Google Sketchup and then used a plugin to split the 3d model out into separate faces. I had a few hiccups getting the final file ready, but the folks at Ponoko were very helpful and checked my file over to make sure it would be okay to cut!

3d-modelling a Chocolate Fish With Sculptris

This model ended up being printed at Shapeways at a small size in white plastic. I then molded it and used the mold to create tiny new polymer clay chocolate fish pendants which you can find here in the shop!


Client Work


Rainy Day on Lambton Quay


Custom Printed Leather Notebook Prototype

I started experimenting with printing on leather in order to make custom printed leather traveller’s notebooks. I was really pleased with how this prototype turned out, and there are now two traveller’s notebooks available in the shop! project365-squibble-june2015-4a

Personal Assistant


Kowhai Sketch


Pencil Extender


First Ever Experiment in Laser Cutting


Putting the Laser-Cut Design Together

This design is the start of an ongoing project that I have been working on occasionally throughout the year. I will be posting updates on this project next year as I improve the design!


Midwinter Dinner



Sculpting Chocolate Fish in Polymer Clay

I had been making these in resin, but I much prefer the look of polymer clay. Polymer clay also allows me to do neat things like hand-sculpt the marshmallow filling inside!


A New Batch of Polymer Clay Hundreds and Thousands Biscuits


Flowers at a Birthday Party


Impossible Project Film

I was very happy to finally purchase film for my Polaroid Land camera 1000. This film is produced by The Impossible Project. After Polaroid closed down, The Impossible Project bought one of the factories and kept producing film for those still interested in instant photography. Find out more about The Impossible Project here.


Inside Out

I was lucky to win free tickets to a showing of Inside Out, which I enjoyed very much.


Whitaker’s Jelly Tip Chocolate Block

June was Jelly Tip month! Several exclusive treats went on sale including collaborations between the ice cream brand Tip Top and Whitaker’s chocolate (pictured below), and Griffin’s biscuits. I tried both the Whitaker’s Jelly Tip block and Griffin’s Jelly Tip Toffee Pops and they were delicious!