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Cycling Adventures January 2016

February 22, 2016

On a sunny afternoon in January after a long day of struggling with my dying laptop, I decided to go for a bike ride. This was easier said than done. The garage door refused to open, and I had to manouver the bike through the internal door, back it up the stairs, reach around to open the front door and then fend off the cat while lifting the bike down the stairs and out the door.



I raced with my bike to the train so I could go for a ride around the waterfront.

Bicycle Adventures January 2016 - Waterfront

I successfully got my bike onto the train for the first time and fastened it in place in the bike area. Hooray!

Bicycle Adventures January 2016 - Waterfront

When I got off the train, I headed straight for the waterfront, and hopped on my bike for my first ride around the wharves.

Bicycle Adventures January 2016 - Waterfront

I’d barely ridden a few metres when I realised something was very wrong. In my haste to leave so I would catch the late afternoon sunshine, I had forgotten to check the tires. Both tires were flat.

I made it to this beautiful giant kina sculpture and took stock of the situation.

Bicycle Adventures January 2016 - Waterfront

I was determined to enjoy my afternoon anyway, so kept pushing the bicycle around the waterfront until I got to this Len Lye kinetic sculptre.

Bicycle Adventures January 2016 - Waterfront

On the way, I had noticed a bicycle and kayak hire business, so I wheeled my bike back there and was able to get my tires pumped up!

I was very happy to be able to enjoy the rest of my ride that afternoon, and and did a full circuit of the waterfront twice! Next time I will make sure to check the tires before I leave the house!