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Inktober 2017 Cats and Copics

November 10, 2017

Inktober is an annual drawing challenge in the month of October. The aim of the challenge is to complete one ink drawing every day in October and post the drawing online.

I not only managed to complete one drawing every day, but also streamed my drawing live on Twitch twenty-nine out of the thirty-one days in October.

To make the challenge easier I mostly used only grey Copic markers with some splashes of colour. I did do two full-colour sketches and even managed to squeeze in some animation. On the very last day I even got to use some special gold ink. I followed the prompts each day, but stuck to an overall theme of cats.

Inktober Prompts for 2017:

Inktober 2017 Sketchbook Tour:

I am slowly editing and posting timelapse versions of each daily stream on my Vidme channel, and am planning to stream more drawing on my Twitch channel soon!

I really enjoyed building the habit of daily drawing, and interacting with people on Twitch and Instagram where I posted my completed daily ink drawings.

I have also turned my Inktober drawings into a Zine, which is now available online from Blurb.

If you would like to follow along with my drawing adventures you can find me on: