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New Gamewisp Channel and Commissions!

October 16, 2018

The prints for Tier 3 of my Gamewisp Art Subscription channel arrived yesterday and I am very happy with how they turned out!

As I mentioned in my last post, Gamewisp is similar to Patreon in that you can support an artist by pledging for monthly rewards. The advantage of Gamewisp is that I am able to integrate my Gamewisp page with my Twitch channel. However, you don’t need to be following or subscribing to my Twitch channel in order to pledge on Gamewisp

In my case, I currently have three reward tiers available. Tiers one and two are for digital art rewards, while Tier three subscribers can pledge for a physical print to be mailed to them as well as receiving all the digital rewards from Tiers one and two!

Current Rewards:

Tier 1 ($5 USD): Digital Art Print, Wallpaper Pack
Tier 2 ($10 USD): Digital Art Print, Wallpaper Pack, Zine/Comic
Tier 3 ($15 USD): Digital Art Print, Wallpaper Pack, Zine/Comic, and physical art print mailed to you

In the future, I hope to add more rewards and eventually include rewards for original art pieces.

Prints will be posted out on the last day of the month and each will be signed and numbered according to the number of subscriptions.

Any leftover prints will be kept for sale at conventions, but the leftover prints will not be signed or numbered.

The print for October 2018 is the little Smugcat illustration from the Twitchiversary stream on October 1st!

Prints are a5 sized and are printed on 300gsm silk coated cardstock.

Smugcat Print by Squibble Design October 2018

If you would like to support the channel and sign up for this reward or the lower digital tiers please see:

…for more information!


In other news I will be opening commissions for paintings as I have had several enquiries recently. I will be posting more information about this soon, but the plan will be to focus on pet portraits and animals, in two sizes: A3, and A4.

Stay tuned, and thanks everyone!