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December 2018 Wrap-up and Vlog – Summer is Here!

January 23, 2019

Hello everyone, this is a little bit late as I was sick last week, but better late than never! I hope you have had a happy and relaxing holiday break.

I managed to get quite a bit done before the holidays including my first two commissions! If you would like to see the first commission please see last week’s blog post. I also did a ‘special ‘ish days of Christmas series on my Twitch channel, taking suggestions on what to draw from viewers using the cheapest art supplies I could find from the Warehouse. I will be uploading a few time lapse videos of those streams to my YouTube channel. I also really liked some of the artworks I produced in those streams enough to want to reproduce them with nicer art supplies!

Previously I posted about my Gamewisp channel, unfortunately Gamewisp shut down unexpectedly so I have now moved to Patreon. I have just introduced a $1 tier which gives patrons access to behind the scenes quick posts, snapshots and brief updates on projects. If you would like to support my art on Patreon please visit my page to check out the available tiers!

After Christmas we managed to spend some time with family and also went to Te Papa to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition and went on a quick visit to Zealandia.

I am doing more work over on my Youtube channel this year, and have just started updating the graphics for each Vlog. I had some fun creating hand-written titles, and have started adding the end cards to each video. I have also just opened up comments, which is a big step for me!

Here is the first of the new-style vlogs, with voiceover! This is also a big step for me, but I am now very used to chatting to people on my Twitch channel so am trialing the addition of voiceovers to my YouTube videos.

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2018, it was a fantastic feeling to successfully complete and deliver my first two oil painting commissions. I am currently working my my Victorian animal series for an upcoming exhibition so please follow on Twitter for updates, and Instagram and Twitch for progress photos and live streams of my artwork! 2019 here I come!