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Nuthin’ But Puffins Charity Stream Week

Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that this week I am running a 'Nuthin' But Puffins' charity event on my Twitch channel! All proceeds from the stream are going to Project Puffin to help with their conservation and research. To read more about the...

May – June 2019

Current Projects! May - June 2019 New Oil Painting - Mr Tuatara I have started a new oil painting, Mr Tuatara. This is the last painting in my Victorian Animals series and is currently at the underpainting stage. The photo above is a work in progress snapshot. You can...

Summer and Autumn 2019

Summer and Autumn 2019

Hello there! I just realised I have been so busy that I have not updated the blog for a little while. Even though I have been updating social media, streaming, posting videos to Youtube and updating my Patreon - I don't want to neglect my blog in the process! Here's...