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Basekit Competition – One of the Top Twenty!

My entry for the Basekit Design Competition made it into the top Twenty! The Top Ten finalists are named next week.   {rokbox title=|Basekit Competition May 2010 :: One of the Top Twenty Finalists.| size=|446 328|}images/blogpics/squibbleatbasekit.jpg{/rokbox}   Visit...

Archived: Impromptu Magazine

A Webzine published between 2002 – 2003. Originally hosted at, original issues of the webzine are now hosted at

Learning About Joomla templates.

I have been working to get the site customised, and am working on converting an html template to joomla. Here are some useful links:     Convert an HTML template to Joomla tutorial: HTML conversion     Enjoy!

Squibbleworld Youtube Channel!

Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel! I am always looking for new clips of my favourite animations, and have collected them here for you to enjoy!