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New Website! July Update 2020.

New Website! July Update 2020.

Welcome everyone to my new website! I have spent the last month building this site and moving all the blog posts across from the old website. I still have a lot of work to do, and need to add more work to the portfolio, but I am happy with how everything is looking so...

November Update – Projects in Progress

November Update – Projects in Progress

Hi everyone, just thought I'd pop in and post a progress update on my current projects! Oil Painting The Victorian Animals series is very nearly finished, with just the final details on a few paintings to go! Now that the Victorian Animals series is nearing completion...

Inktober 2019

This year I wasn't going to participate in Inktober, but I changed my mind at almost the last minute! Every day in October I will be posting one tiny 4cm by 4cm drawing of a native New Zealand bird - my very own tiny Inktober. 😀 Here is today's tiny native bird: the...

Nuthin’ But Puffins Charity Stream Week

Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that this week I am running a 'Nuthin' But Puffins' charity event on my Twitch channel! All proceeds from the stream are going to Project Puffin to help with their conservation and research. To read more about the...